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Monday, December 29, 2014

Good Bye Pilot Mountain - Hello ?

First things first …. I am soooo glad I got to talk to you guys at Christmas.  I will keep the screen shots so that I can look at them when I want a pick me up.  We had a great Christmas at the M’s.  The Ham, Mac and Cheese, and Shrimp were AMAZING! 
Aren't those dogs gorgeous???  I told them that you are going to want to come see Rosy when we get back.  She is such a little show off.  I love her.  haha  I just love the M's and I know that you all will too if you ever get to meet them.  I think they are planning a trip to come to October Conference in 2016 with Sister B and I if we can all work it out.  They just need somewhere to house those three dogs.  So we'll see if it happens or not.  But you know...
Anyway, the miracle family that we went to see.  We called them and she asked us not to come over for a few days because her son had Strep Throat and she didn't want us to catch it.  I was grateful that she said something.  That's for sure!  Unfortunately though... we got the news on Saturday night that the Sister Missionaries are being moved out of Pilot Mountain.  We, as well as the Elders and the members, are deeply saddened by this, but we know that there is somewhere else the Lord needs us to be.  Apparently, there is about a 20% net decrease in Sister Missionaries in our mission and it will be getting even worse over the next few months.  So they are starting off with the districts containing three companionships.  Pilot Mountain unfortunately falls under that category.  So what is going to happen is they are pulling me and Sister B out of the area and one of the two Elder companionships will be moving into our apartment.  They are also transferring Elder H.  So anyway, that is what is happening with transfers.  Sister B and I will be leaving as well as Elder H.  But the other three will be staying

Sooooo... how is the exercise room going?  Is dad absolutely exhausted yet?  And when you say Emily entertains a lot more friends than we ever did, how many are we talking?  haha
HOW FUN that Bethany is going to get her wisdom teeth pulled.  haha
It's okay that you are not the best at being sarcastic because I found out that Sister B is even worse than you!  haha Success!!!
It will be fun to have Gma and Gpa Irwin in!
As for dad traveling ... FUN He gets to travel and I get a transfer - What is with that???  haha  I hope you get to see the outside of an office while you're there!
In response to "do I want anything from his travels for my birthday?"  OF COURSE!  I don't really care what it is... if you are getting toms... My shoe size is 81/2-9 depending on the shoe.  If that helps at all.  I want some weird candy too, but candy that won't get nasty in the mail.  Haha
Just whatever you want really.  As well as something for Elder H and Elder E if you want to.
The shirts will be just fine.  The JCP shirts work great. :)
Can I get back to you with what is on my wish list for my birthday?  I am going to get settled into the new area and then I will start to think about it.  But after all of the Christmas presents, I trust you guys to buy for me because I loved each and every one of them.
I will get you my new address as soon as I get it, but it will probably be next Monday.  So post on Facebook and let everyone know that the address that they have is now outdated and not to send anything until I have the new one.
Can you believe that it is almost 2015?!  I am going to be 20 years old at the end of January and I don't know that I am ready for that!  haha
Sorry I am not sending pictures home today.  I have very limited time because we have to clean, pack, send stuff home, etc.
But.... 80 youth at our house for New Years Eve is INSANE!  Good luck!  I am sad that I will be missing the last two years of that, but it will be fun for them!  :)
I think this will be it for this week.  Unfortunately, like I said, I am running really low on time so I can't do a weekly recap.  So maybe I can tack a few days onto next week's weekly recap.
I LOVE YOU TO NORTH CAROLINA AND BACK 100 TIMES OVER!  I will talk to you guys next week!  Love you!

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