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Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving November 2014

Hey!  How are you guys?
Like you read in the title, I HIT MY TWO-MONTH MARK TODAY!!!  Who knew I could really do it?  haha  Just kidding.  I knew I would be able to.  And according to Sister B's.  My first three months of hell is almost over.  haha  She says that every missionary goes through a hard 3 months before anything gets better.  So I'm two-thirds of the way done with that.  :)  YAY! 

So on Monday -
We woke up, did some studying, were planning on cleaning the house... which we didn't get to, because both of us passed out instead.  We don't get it.  When we typically get more sleep here than we do at home... why are we more tired?  It makes ZERO SENSE!  haha  So after we emailed you, we basically just went shopping, cleaned a little bit, and then went to dinner with the Relief Society President and her husband.  We have been telling all the members that are feeding us that I am allergic to bell peppers in general just so we can avoid that problem again all together.  But... she thought we just meant RED bell peppers.  So she cooked green ones into the spaghetti and put orange ones in the salad.  Her cute husband was sitting there the whole time saying, "You don't have to eat them.  I tried to warn her.  Please don't eat them.  I would feel bad."  So I didn't.  I just pulled them to the side and ate everything else.  She is part Italian, so it was REALLY REALLY GOOD SPAGHETTI!   Then we were going to go see our investigator but she had a 103 fever.  Ugh... pray for the poor girl.  Satan is really really working hard on her because she is sooooo close to baptism.  So I believe that night we went to try to teach some facebook lessons and went to bed.

On Tuesday -
We finished up studies and then went to walk to the library for some wifi because we were low on miles.  And it decided to rain that day.  Oh joy!  But on the way to the library, we had a recent convert call us and ask if the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon were excommunicated.  For future reference, I HATE WIKIPEDIA!  I guess she got on facebook and her friend linked it and she freaked out.  So we had to look it up a bit.  I knew the correct answer and that two of them did return to the church, but she wanted to know why they were excommunicated.  So we got to explain that.  Then we had a couple of hours of unsuccessful street contacting.  Which, I don't blame the people for.  If it were me, I wouldn't be walking the streets in the rain in the middle of winter either.  haha  But we love showing Heavenly Father that we are willing to do the work rain or shine!  After we got home and dried off a bit, we went to dinner with the S's.  We went to a place called Rigatoni's. .  Then we went to Food Lion and Sister S bought us some groceries and invited us over for Thanksgiving.  She said she really must like me.  Sister S isn't a member, but her husband and two boys are.  But she goes every week, so maybe we are making progress.  We'll see.  I'll keep you updated.  She has started coming in the doors where we greet people at church just so she can see us.  YAY!  Then we went street contacting and went home.. yes again unsuccessful.

On Wednesday-
We finished planning and studying, then we made lots of calls to the mission office, members, investigators, etc.  We had to call the mission office that morning because I discovered some little friends on Tuesday night before bed … BED BUGS!  Are you freaking kidding me?  haha  I stripped my bed as soon as I could blink and threw everything in the washer.  I made a make-shift bed out of the couch cushions only to find out from Elder Hunt the next morning (because he was an exterminator on the side at home) that the cushions probably had them too.  I have to admit... I kind of thought they weren't real.  I thought they were something that parents tell their kids about when they're going to bed to freak them out.  It worked.  The good part is, I convinced them to get rid of both of our mattresses and get us new ones.  And Elder H is going to come spray all of our carpets and walls.  YAY!  haha  We spent all that day cleaning as much as we could.  Then we went to the M’s for dinner.  She is so sweet Mom.  I believe that she has called you already about Christmas, but if she hasn't, she is planning on spending all day long with us.  She isn't going to let us proselyte that day because she wants to make it really special.  We are going to plan, skype with our families (which I will address at the end of the email), eat, and go caroling and play games all night after we open presents.  They are great!  Their son D said this to her after she told him we were coming on Christmas.  "They are going to have a present to open... right?  You would be a pretty crappy replacement mom if they didn't have something to open."  haha  You would really love her too Mom!  Her name is J and I believe she called you already because she called Sister B's mom.  By the way... how often do you two talk?  It's not a problem.  We are just curious because her mom always mentions me in her emails now.  haha  Then we went home after dinner and more unsuccessful street contacting and went to bed.

On Thursday-
We finished planning a little early and headed straight for the H's.  It was really fun!  We were making crafts for the little ones as you could see in my pictures, and the day was full of great food (and dessert), company, and laughs.  Pictures to come soon hopefully.  Then we went to an investigators house.  After that, we went straight to Sister S's house.  She took one look at me and knew I wasn’t felling well.  So she boxed up the food that she was saving for us and sent us home with some dessert after we sat and talked with her for a while, while her husband, sons, and brother in-law were watching the game.  We then went home and went straight to bed after planning because I didn't feel good.

On Friday -
We finished up planning and decided to go check facebook for a little while because I fell asleep while planning because I still didn't feel really good.  We were supposed to go out to Pinnacle that day to teach some people with a member.  Instead, Sister B made me stay home with Sister N and D.  That actually ended up being great for us.  See.. President C called and she mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well, and he said that he was glad that Sister B was being effective and that he wants me to feel better really soon.  That night, Sister H’s  goat died, so she had to cancel dinner... long story.  So our wonderful neighbor next door fed us and we went to try to see C another investigator, but she wasn't home.  So we went unsuccessful street contacting and went home to go to bed.

On Saturday -
We finished up studies and went to go check facebook, then we went home, had lunch, and headed to a baptism for Elder H and Elder E.  They were so excited!  It was their first baptism and they were simply giddy.  The picture I sent was Elder R filling up the font. 

On Sunday -
We went to church, choir to get ready for the Christmas Program that, yes I am singing in on Friday.  Hopefully it goes over well.  Sister H is so stressed, she is practically in hysterics.  Haha. So what it is, is the Methodists, Presbyterians, and our church come together in our building (because it's the biggest) and have each church choir sing.  Meanwhile, there is a live nativity going on outside the building.  They built a manger and everything.  It's really cool.  There will also be like 30-40 nativity sets up in the relief society room.  Then after everything is done, we will all come into the cultural hall for dessert.  I'm really excited!  It's the talk of the town.  Even people who don't attend any of the three churches are coming!  It should be great.  Then we had an hour long meeting with the Bishop.  Then went went to visit the S’s  That family is part-member, so we ate, shared the "He is the gift" video, and went home.  She shared her testimony with us on the way home and she is such an amazing woman.  Then we came home, sent emails, and went to bed.

Thank you for the lyrics to Mary Did You Know!  It is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs!  I love you soooooo much!  I hope to hear from you tonight!  I'll talk to you soon

Love you - Ash

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