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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It’s my 3 Month Mark !!!

Isn't that nuts?  I never thought I'd make it this long.  But we can't stop now!  I just finished training and I am now in a new area with a new comp!  Transfers was a really good meeting.  The testimonies heard from those leaving the mission were both amazing and inspiring.  It was kind of hard because I had to say goodbye to one of my zone leaders and one of my sister training leaders.  It was also really, abnormally hard because I had to say "see you later" to the best trainer in the world and one of my new best friends.  But, so goes mission life.  I got transferred to a new area called Shelby, NC.  We thought it was interesting that I went straight from the border of Virginia to the border of South Carolina.  Haha  But anyways, my feelings on my new area as of yet are undetermined.  Half, if not more than half of the city is very poor and a little scary.  Most of our investigators live on the most dangerous streets too.  So that's great.  But at least we have God on our side... Right?  But then there are those areas of Shelby that are ridiculously nice and out of place.  So I am trying to go knocking in those areas as well so we can spend some more time there.  ;)

My new comps name is Sister B ( I seem to like that initial ).  She is from Vernal, UT.  She goes to BYU Provo.  She is really sweet, just a little quiet.  In fact, she classified herself as an introvert.  Yay!  Haha  Y'all know that I am the farthest thing from introverted.  (Did you like the y'all?)  ;)  But I am trying my hardest to get her to talk more.  She is interested in a lot of the same things I am.  (i.e. Disney, Sherlock, England, etc). So that's really nice.

Anyways, mom - I can try and work on being in the right place at the right time, but you know how I am.  ;)  In the way of transfers:  Sister B went to Kernersville, Elder H went to Albermarle, and I didn't catch where Elder G went... But he's training!  Yay!  Also, FUN FACT: Elder S is in my zone now!  So expect a picture of the both of us next week.  We are going to try to take one with him at zone meeting so that we can show his mom.  :)

MY NEW ADDRESS FOR SHELBY IS: Please contact my mom for it !

I hope that I will be getting lots of mail and packages and things.  Looking so forward to it!  Is dad planning on picking me up some things for me when he’s traveling?  Hint hint!  ;)  Oh, and I guess I can forgive the fact that Beth and Em still didn't write me this week... :(  But I hope to be getting a hand-written letter from each of you!  :)  Mom.. Maybe you can set aside an hour or something on Sunday's and have everyone write me an email.  I would love it !!  Missionaries hunger for mail!  ;)
Oh!  Speaking of what missionaries love - The elders packages

I can't believe I am turning 20 at the end of the month.  That is simply crazy to me.  I am two decades old!  One guy last night that we met while door knocking said that I look 13 years old and that the cops should be pulling me over for walking the streets...?  So essentially he was calling me a 13-year old prostitute?  Hahahahaha  We and the elders had a grand old laugh about that one last night during call ins.  Lol  Can you believe that though?  It's insane!
I am glad that you are able to talk to Sister M and D M.  We did get to say goodbye to her, but she started crying.  She was really sad.  I told her I can't email until I get home, but that I promised I would.  She emailed me and said she missed her little girl and that the elders are a bore.  Haha
We are being put back on full-car, but we still have limited miles.  So we are going to have to walk sometimes.  It has been dreadful weather the past few days.  Non stop rain.  So bad in fact, that the boots that I bought for my brace?  The lining ripped and ruined the soles.  So now I have to buy new soles and shoe goo to fix it.  Haha. But at least I know how so I don't have to waste them.  Plus, the members here are good about giving us rides when we ask for them.  And NO!  We are unfortunately not missing the storms.  But for the most part, it is okay weather.  :)

I am glad that you got to get the house all done up.  Send me pictures of the exercise room.  I can't wait to see it!  Tell grandma irwin that I really hope she gets feeling better soon.  That is awful!  :(  Haha  You are saying that it is warming up to 28 degrees today.  Meanwhile, I walk outside and freeze even when it is 49 degrees outside today.  Humidity is awful.  You are freezing, so you don't want to take your coat off.  But you are sweating buckets underneath it.  Lose-lose.  Haha

It's good that you had a manageable New Year's Party.  That's good.  I saw 80 and almost died!  Haha  Sad that you missed Brenna though.  Maybe next time.
Wait... Why does Beth hate AP Art?  I thought it was supposed to be fun...?  And I know they aren't excited.  But hey, at least you're not running the risk of getting hit by a semi every day while walking down the side of the highway... Right?  Oh wait, that's me.  "The grass is always greener, in somebody else's lake."  ;)
Mom - I am glad that you have that New Year's Resolution.  I am going to have the same one when I get home.  And you're going to have to help me!  Southerners have no concept of that.

And I also know why you went on that Tangent.  You know how you and I always know when each other are having a bad day, so we call each other to talk it out?  Well, I have been having a really really hard time here lately and I prayed all of yesterday that I would get some inspiring words.  I even got a blessing.  But it basically told me to look at things through the Savior's eyes and think about how hard his mission was.  So I felt a little chastised.  Haha  Maybe I am being too quick to judge a situation for my own benefit...?  Let me tell everyone that is reading this: A mission is there to humble you.  These people are in some of the worst situations that I have ever seen.  It reminds me how blessed I really am and how much I take for granted.  Sometimes we will even give a pass along card to someone and tell them to go to MORMON.ORG without remembering that some people down here don't even have access to a computer because even at the library, you need a current ID, which a lot of them don't have. 

My New Year's Resolution is to become more Christlike, to learn as much as possible from the scriptures, and become so in tune with the spirit while I am out here that I will be able to help people of all situations.  :)  Sp mom, I know that what you wrote was for me and that it helped me a lot.  Plus, props to us for still being in sync and not even trying!  :)

I don't think I will do a weekly recap this week.  All you missed out on last week was caroling with the elders.  Although, that was insanely fun!  They thought it wouldn't be, but I made them, and they LOVED IT!  This week has been a lot of getting to know new people and trying to get to know the area.  Anyways..  That's about it for today.  Plus I had to write on my iPad, so it took wayyyy longer than necessary.  Haha

I love you all soooo much!  Keep my in your prayers!  Send me letters!
I'll talk to you guys next week.  LOVE YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!


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