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Thursday, October 9, 2014

This Week Has Been A Crazy Roller Coaster

This week has been a CRAZY emotional roller coaster.  My district is awesome!!!  We have four elders and four sisters.  The sisters are going to my mission (North Carolina, Charlotte).  And the elders are going to Washington, Tacoma.  The elders include:  Elder Ivie (District Leader), Elder Doying, Elder Stansfield, and Elder Jafek.  The sisters include: ME, Sister Blaylock, Sister Holmes, (Sister Training Leaders), and my comp Sister Messegee.  We have a lot of fun together.  Our conversations are soooo funny.  We take walks to the temple all the time and have very spiritual experiences in class together.  They are great!  

The food here is so-so at best.  It takes a while to get used to the blandness of it all.  It is not bad food.  It just has little to no flavor.  Although, the cafeteria does have it's advantages.  I met an elder from Australia one day this week and I met an elder from, (of all places), ENGLAND!  I've seen him twice.  His name is Elder Scoors and he is really funny.  The first time I met him, my companion said, "Hey Sister Irwin!  He's from England!  You'll like that!"  So I quickly flipped around and said, "No way!  That's so cool!"  I was kind of confused because he was all of the sudden taken aback.  He replied with "Wait, you didn't even ask me to talk yet.  How can you say it's cool if you haven't heard my accent."  To which I giggled and said, "It doesn't matter!  I love England!  The accent is just an added bonus I suppose..."  He laughed and we talked about where we were going (North Carolina and France) and that was that.  Then a couple of days later I ran into him in the cafeteria and said hello.  He again looked confused and said, "I'm sorry, I associate meeting people by place not by face."  I told him that we had met a couple of days ago in the cafeteria and he quickly remembered.   It's funny that the Lord put us in that place at the same time.  Because the cafeteria is HUGE!  Maybe he just knew that I needed to meet someone from my favorite place on the planet!  (Other than Disneyland, duh)!  

Our teachers are awesome!  They include Sister Sabey (Our main teacher), Sister Pack (Our other main teacher), Brother Farrales, Brother Bishop, Sister Rassmusen, and Sister Hoyes.  But sometimes teachers will just walk in if they have no class to teach and they are bored.  That is what happened with Sister Hoyes.  Our investigators are interesting.  We have one that my companion relates to a lot more, and one that I relate to a lot more.  Although, the one that my companion relates to a lot more only compliments me on my outfits and makeup choices.   I almost cried in our lesson yesterday because it went so well and we could feel the spirit so much.  I always forget that it is actually Sister Sabey acting as one of her investigators that she met on her mission.  It doesn't even occur to me.  This week has been an emotional roller coaster like I said before, but my Branch President and District are so amazing, that usually homesickness only lasts for a part of the day, if at all.  

Although, for anyone who knows how clumsy I am, this week has been no let down.  Let alone the homesickness, we were out playing kickball yesterday and the ball came straight for me, nailed me in the head, and that put it in perfect position for Sister Holmes to catch the ball and get the other team an out.  haha  But at the end of the game, I was chasing the ball and I had to run really fast because the kickball field is downhill for some stupid reason, and I stepped wrong, rolled, and sprained my ankle.  But oh well, no blood and no broken bones.  I am working with physical therapy at the MTC to get it all fixed up.  I may have to wear a soft brace on my ankle for the first couple of weeks in North Carolina, but I can walk!  So no worries as far as I'm concerned.  Apart from the pain, which I would gladly do without. 

 I went to the temple this morning and was feeling really homesick.  I said a prayer to Heavenly Father to give me someone, anyone, who I had a personal relationship with so that I could get a big hug and be told that it was okay!  I knew it was a long shot and probably wouldn't happen.  But while we were waiting for the elders to change after the session, in walks my sweet neighbor Arlee Angel who is like a second grandmother to me.  I instantly knew that my prayer had been answered.  I walked up to her and gave her a big hug and started bawling my eyes out.  She is such a sweetheart!  She gave me some encouraging words and told me that her husband was just coming in and that I should say hi, but I replied that I had to get to the cafeteria.  So I hugged her goodbye and went on my way after telling her to say hello to my parents and sisters for me.  Then when I was down in the cafeteria of the temple, in walks her sweet husband Al.  He gave me some more encouraging words and hugs!  You know?  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  He knew I needed someone that moment, and he sent me those two Angels (no pun intended) to comfort me when I was feeling low.  I love this Gospel and I know that Heavenly Father is there for me.  It may be hard, but this is where I am supposed to be and who I am supposed to be helping.  And who knows?  Maybe this year and a half will fly by and I won't want to leave.  (Just kidding!!!)  This is just another place that I can add to my travel roster with the added benefit of saving peoples lives and making them eternally happy!  The work is hastening!  I must go, but I leave for North Carolina on Monday morning at 3:30!  (Shoot me now!)  ;)  See you next week!  :) :) :)

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