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Monday, October 12, 2015


Halloween Is Coming  !!

Hey you guys!  Hope you had a good week.  Mine was interesting.  Here are some things that happened! :)

Experience #1
Sooooo... Let's start with the best thing first this week.  We had a baptism this week.  J entered the waters of baptism following the examples of her parents as well as the Savior.  It was amazing!  It was so well put together.  Everyone was prepared.  We were just a few minutes late in starting because her mom was coming back from school and was running a little late.  But we took pictures, and got started.  The bishop's son gave the talk on baptism.  The actual baptism ordinance went well.  The only problem was, it was her father's first time baptizing.  So he couldn't get the words right.  He had to redo the words at least four times and had to dunk her twice.  But it went well in the end.  She was baptized and said she felt "clean" and "new".  Sister L gave a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost.  Then we closed and had some really good refreshments.  It was a great day and everything ran smoothly.  :)

Experience #2
We had interviews this week.  It was really fun.  Sister B offered to drive us to Gastonia.  I was wedged in between two little boys in car seats which were like possible 11 inches apart.  I have never felt so squished.  But she is so funny.  When we got there, we had to wait for a few minutes before talking to president.  They focused on strengthening our companionship as well as self-reliance and confidence.  They didn't say anything about how well I did, but more of general guidelines.  But that's okay.  They told me that my family is very wise and insightful in the guidance they have given me in my life that has led me to being the woman that I am today.  It was a really good interview.  He gave me some advice for the last part of my mission and told me that my rating myself at the obedience of 9/10 is good, but it could be better if I lift my companion to that point.  He told me that the main focus is missionary work, but that we have to realize that the end does come someday.  Which was sad to think about.  The funniest part though, was the beginning of the interview.  President looked at me, trying not to crack a smile and said, "Sister Irwin.  Salt Lake is not very happy with the TiWi report that we got from you this morning.  They tell me that on Wednesday, you went to uptown Charlotte at 11:00 at night and came back at 2:30 in the morning."  I giggled and said, "Hmmm.... I wonder why President."  Which leads me to my next experience...

Experience #3
Sister L and I went to go get out flu shots on Wednesday.  We were both fine all day other than the doctor who gave me mine was English and flirted with me the whole time.  But around 10:00 at night, Sister L threw up, started shaking, became pale, and got hot and cold sweats.  So we called the mission doctor and he told us to take her to the emergency room.  So we called Sister A and she said that she would meet us there.  It was 12:30 before they called us back.  In the meantime, Sister L got a blessing from President.  After hours of tests and blood work, they couldn't find anything wrong.  So they diagnosed it as nausea.  We decided that it was probably an allergic reaction to her flu shot.  But it was around 2:30 before we got headed home, we almost got T-Boned again, and we were exhausted.  We got home around 3 and President asked us to sleep in in the morning.  Elder C called us around 10 and asked why we had slept in.  We explained the whole situation and he said he felt like a jerk for assuming.  I was like, duh.  Why would I purposely disobey?  So silly.

Experience #4
We were low on miles on Saturday.  So we planned to bike.  But because it's our luck, we picked the only day of the week that it rained.  So I thought I practically ruined my multicolor tie dye skirt.  But I got most of the dirt and stuff out, but I have to ask - there is a hole in it now, so should I just sew it?  And what would be the best method for doing so?  Other than that, we met a few people and ended up biking around 14 miles.  I.  Was.  So.  Sore.  It was ridiculous.  Just thought I would share how wet, miserable, and exhausted I got.  I think I literally cried myself to sleep that night.

Experience #5
I love the moments that I can really tell that someone needs us.  We went to see Sister H after church today.  She had a breakdown at church and went home early.  I think she just got overwhelmed by the ward changes and everything.  So we got to go over and just simply answer questions she had.  And I could feel the spirit so much!  She apparently had tons of questions about the Atonement and Jesus Christ that she hadn't asked before because she felt like they were stupid questions and that they should have been common knowledge.  So when we brought up the Atonement, she started crying when I read a quote from Richard G. Scott from his October 2004 talk.  It just makes me so happy when I can bring things back to the basics like President Uchtdorf encouraged us to do and how much of a difference it can make in people's lives.  I love this so much!

Experience #6
There were so many things that stood out to me at church yesterday.  J's confirmation happened and I actually cried.  I could almost feel or hear the spirit saying, "Thank you girls, for bringing a family back into my fold, and making sure you completed the family first."  It took me quite a few minutes to calm down.  Not going to lie.  Also, when the sacrament was being blessed and passed... They had to say two water prayers because since our ward is three times the size now, they underestimated the amount of cups.  But you won't believe by how much.  One cup.  They redid the sacrament prayers for literally one cup.  That just manifested to me the importance of the sacrament prayers and ordinance.  And the bishop got up and mentioned it to everyone as well.  It was amazing to know that our church and the blessings therein, are that sacred and that special.  Also, I bawled like a baby because Gospel Principles was all about temple marriage and sealings.  So all I have to say is, I love you guys and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has given all of you to me as my eternal family.  :) <3

What movie are those lyrics from.  Elder Hutchinson and I have been driving ourselves mad trying to think of it.  And where did she get all of those?  Are they CD's or actual records?  You're right.  Some people have all the luck.  And are we putting the movie room together?  The directors chairs would look great in there if that is the case.

The BYU planetarium sounds like it was fun.  I wish that we had done something that fun for girls camp certification.  You sound like a really fun camp leader.

I am sure that Em will be able to get her grades up.  She is smart.  I have faith in her.  Just tell her less time on the phone and more time in the books.  ;)  I am also really sorry to hear about Brenda.  Is she doing okay?  I am glad they got it in time.

YAY!!!  BYU WON!!!  I am so happy about that.  I can't wait to go to games in person when I get back.  Or watch them in general.  ;)

Is "Once I Was A Beehive" an actual movie that came out in theaters?  I will have to see it when I get home.  It sounds really funny!  You'll have to involve me in some of your fun girls camp things when I get back.  I would love to help when I get home.  If I am in Utah for the summer.  Do we know what we are going to do about that yet?
I am just fine waiting for the package.  It will be special to hear from the ward members.  So I will find out if I stay or go on Saturday.  So I will let you know as soon as I can on Monday.  Most likely, I am staying.  But you never know.  So I will let you know.  I am so excited to get the package though.  I love your packages!!!

I know how you feel with tons of conferences.  We have general conference, two mission conferences, interviews, and stake conference this month.  And I completely agree with Sister Searcy's comment about the spirit.  Without him, we are nothing.  That is why it is the GIFT of the Holy Ghost.  We need it ALWAYS!

I am glad everyone is still enjoying my emails and pictures.  The district is doing okay.  Everyone is acting a little better day by day.  There are still little freak outs, but oh well.  You can't win all the time.  Sister L is hanging in there.  Transfers are next week actually because it is a five week transfer this time and a seven week one next time.  We are just making the most of it.  Thank you for the encouraging words.  I need to pray for help to fix the problem.  I got a flu shot this Wednesday.  So today we went to the church with the district to play sports.  I am doing some of them, but if I have to kick a ball, the toes hurt too much.  So I am doing a little of both.  The shot wasn't bad though.  I didn't even bleed.  I thought it was going to be worse than it was.

It's crazy to think that Jason gets home in 9 days, then all of the sisters in the ward.  We try our hardest and keep working tirelessly.  Fight on, battle on, and come up strong.  We literally are God’s Army here on the earth and we need to act like it.  It may be hard at times, but if we keep going, the Lord will bless us.

I love you guys sooooooo much!  All the way to Germany and back because Elder Kopischke is coming this week.

Ash :) <3 

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