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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Dynamic Duo Are Staying Together for 6 More Weeks !!

That's right!  I am staying in Danville, VA with Sister Hoffman for 6 more weeks!  It's gonna be great!  I know that we will continue enjoying and learning from each other!  Want to hear about some of our adventures from this past week?  Here they are:
Experience #1
On Monday, we were able to go to the C's house for dinner and FHE for the first time.  They are so crazy!  When we come back, you will have to see their house.  They are in the process of remodeling it and it is going to be AMAZING!  It really reminds me of Sherlock's House in the version of Sherlock that Beth and I watch.  That is really her whole goal anyway.  She has a sitting room, dining room, bedrooms, a library, bathrooms, kitchen, writing room, laundry room, etc.  Like a normal house, but there is so much history behind it.  Like the laundry room used to be the servant's quarters where they would prepare food for the master of the house.  It was great to hear all of that.  You'll just have to see it to believe it.  I think the house was built in 1810 if I remember what she said correctly.  But we had a wonderful meal with them.  They made spaghetti with fresh fruit and vegetables.  Then we shared 2 Nephi 5 with them and asked what gifts Heavenly Father had given them and how their family can receive the "manner of happiness" it talks about within the chapter.  They talked about how they can be more helpful and industrious in helping with the house, school, and so forth.  Which of course opened the door for us to come and do service for them in that BEAUTIFUL home.  Which I sincerely hope we get to do very soon.  Because GORGEOUS!  They are so funny!  The mom and the oldest son have the most unique relationship.  There are moments when he will act more mature to match her, or she will act immature to match him.  It's so fun to watch!
Experience #2
We got to go see Sister G again this week.  I told her that you guys can't wait to meet her because, meet her you must.  She is so sweet.  We visited for a few minutes and asked how her knees were doing because she went to the hospital this week due to pain in her knees and they told her that she has flared-up arthritis in both of her knees.  But she explained to us, that despite the pain, she will be keeping a vow to herself and to Heavenly Father that she will be coming back to church next week and every week after that.  We decided to read Alma 32:13-21 with her and talked about faith and humility.  She mentioned that the attributes of Christ that we possess have set such an example to her.  We talked about the strength and determination that she has to keep going and to keep getting better.  Then something amazing happened.  She got really quiet for a minute and told us that we worked really well together.  Although we kind of already knew this, we asked what she meant.  She said that it is because of the two of us that she has decided to come back to church.  She said, "Sisters have come and sisters have gone.  But you two didn't give up on me.  You two believe in me.  And that is why I have decided to make the changes that I am."  It floored me.  I couldn't believe that I was one of those people that had influenced her the most to come back to church and receive the blessings that she knows she is going to.  I couldn't be more thankful to be where I am at this time, and with the people that I am working with.  And to make it even better, I get to stay in Danville another transfer, so I get to actually see her come back to church!  :)
Experience #3
We went to Sister M's house again this week.  She wanted to show Sister H some of the autographs and personalized letters that I got to look at last time.  Then she went to show us her "Coke House."  It's basically a shed full of everything that has ever collected that has to do with Coca-Cola.  It is quite the impressive collection.  I am short on time today because of district activity, but I will have to just show you the pictures when I get home.  I think the thing that was the weirdest though, is we asked if we could have a picture with her, and she said NO!!!  But whatever.  She does always tell you when you meet her, "You get to a certain age when you just don't care about people's feelings anymore."  And yes.  She proved that.  But now we can just laugh about it and move on.  Because there really isn't much else you can do.  She is one interesting lady.  That's for sure.  ;)
Experience #4
We were trying to find out what we wanted to do from 8:00-9:00 one night.  Sister H suggested that we go see some investigators that we are basically split-teaching with the Elders.  Well, we showed up, parked the car, and walked up.  Only to have someone that we had never met before, or seen for that matter, answer the door.  We asked if the investigators were home and he said, "Hang on.  I don't live here."  Then we had someone that looked really familiar walk outside.  We found out that it was a member's nephew.  The reason he looked familiar was his younger brother lives with his uncle.  So we started talking to him for a minute.  He said that he has read the Book of Mormon and the Bible before and that he was interested in coming back to church.  Then the craziness started.  One of the investigators, who has been trying to give up the word of wisdom, walked outside and said, "I'm going to be honest.  I am drunk and I don't want y'all to see me like this.  But would I be a horrible person if I asked you to stay and talk for a few minutes."  We figured there was no real harm in it because we were on the porch instead of around the alcohol.  Then, one by one, they all started coming outside.  There was this one guy with a long, grey ponytail that kept calling us pretty and asked if we would like to stay for a drink.  Then the investigator snapped at him after I told him that we don't drink and said, "How dare you talk to the people that have changed my life like that!"  Long, long story short, it was a very interesting hour full of people walking in and out of the house either buzzed or drunk as a skunk.  It was really funny and at the same time really sad.  We went to see her a few days later and she told us that she is going to work harder.  But if you guys could pray for them to give up alcohol and cigarettes, that would be fantastic.  :)
Experience #5
We had Zone Meeting this last Friday.  It was soooooo much fun.  I am sad to say that one of my two Zone Leaders is being transferred because this is the most fun I have had in a zone so far.  And I have told them that.  We started off the meeting with a training about music and what is acceptable.  I think it's funny that we keep going over this.  It's like, "Yes, it stinks that we can't listen to all the music that we are used to.  But it isn't forever.  Just deal with it and someday you can listen to it again."  Then we had a break for a few minutes.  Then we had a HUGE counsel where we put all the chairs in a circle and talked about these bullet points that President Alexander sent out from the MTC Mission Presidents Seminar this year.  The bullet points were all focused on consecration.  I honestly had no idea what the word even meant until after the meeting.  But I learned so much.  We focused a lot on how the interests and talents that Heavenly Father has given us, we can use as more of an asset than a liability.  Then we had some trainings on Facebook, Potential, and working as a team.  I really liked the working as a team training.  They talked about how we should all be focused on numbers.  Not necessarily "numbers driven" but we should always be working our hardest so that the numbers increase.  Then we did this pep rally type of thing where we cut down a basketball net to symbolize our unity as a zone.  And one of the role plays we did that I liked was 2 missionaries were the parents, and 1-2 were the kids.  We had to role play our kids not wanting to go to church and how we will someday handle it.  That is how our mission is a today, tomorrow, and forever teaching mission.  We learn and APPLY what we learn in our lives.  I am sorry that was super jumbled.  If you have questions on anything, let me know and I will explain in further detail next week.
Experience #6
That night, we got home and we completely forgot about an appointment we had made.  Sister H realized that I was beating myself up about it because I was frustrated.  I hate doing things like that, it makes me feel terrible.  So she suggested that there may be someone who needed us more that night.  We prayed to know who it was that was in need of our service that night.  We were lead to some less-actives who said it wasn't a good time and that they would call us.  So we decided to go see our investigator, N instead.  As we were walking up her driveway, her neighbor H asked if we had a minute.  He asked us what time church started on Sunday and said that he was interested in getting back into church.  He described some traumatic things that happened in his childhood and how that has affected his view on God.  We showed him "The Hope of God's Light" and invited him to read the Book of Mormon.  He said that he really needed to hear that and was glad we had come that night.  That just proves to me that again, this is NOT my work, but HIS!  Heavenly Father knew that we were going to forget about that appointment.  He also knew that there was a son of His in need of our help and that we would get there on his time.  I am so thankful to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to help Him hasten the work at this time.
Experience #7
We went fishing in Caswell today for District Activity.  It was really fun and I even caught a fish!  It was really hot though.  We were all sweaty and sunburned by the end of it.  haha  We came back and the member's house we were at made us hotdogs.  The house he has was owned by a slaveowner.  So there was the master's house and the servant's house.  We hung out in the servant's house most of the day because of the air conditioning.  It was so much fun.  I will try to explain more in detail next week.  Because lack of time... darn it.
But no.  Sister H and I are both staying in Danville.  Elder B is leaving though and Elder C is training.  So we are getting a new missionary in Danville.
Yes.  Please send the package.  And please tell Bethany that she can send hers as well.  :)
You did not tell me that you have a new calling.  But I am excited for you!  That will definitely be a change of pace.  :)  However, I don't think you will ever really "walk away" from family history.  You love it too much and you are too good at it.  ;)  But that is your call.  I just think you should keep doing it when you have free time.  That's all.  :)
Camping at Shaver Lake!?!?  How many YEARS have we asked you to do that and you wait until both Beth and I can't go.  Sad.  Well, hopefully we can go with them next summer or in a couple of years.  I guess we'll have to see.  But until then, have so much fun!
Yeah - Where did the summer go?  It went by WAY too fast.  I just hit my 10-month mark on Saturday.  WHAT!?!?  That means I have 8 months left and by the end of this next transfer I will be done with almost 2/3 of my mission!  WHERE THE HECK IS THE TIME GOING!?  Work, work, work, until the job is done!  :)
Lake Powell sounds fun.  The pictures are all soooooooo cute!  I sure do love seeing all of you and the many adventures you're on while I am on my many adventures!
And again, thanks for the pics of the royals.  Love seeing those as well.  :)
I heard about the Blue Moon on Sunday.  No one told us about it because we can't watch the news.  Oh well.  Guess I'll have to see it in 2018.
I love you to the LAST blue moon and back.  #topped  But I sure do love you more than that!
Loves and Hugs from VA and NC!  I will talk to you very soon!
Ash :)

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